Join in

The Finnish Lions have enough environmental protection activities for everyone. Join in and help us work for a clean environment, and challenge new and old partners to take part too. Let your Lion heart show!

Take part in our activity competition

Do you have an idea in your head for how to protect our waters that you would like to put into action?

Our activity competition seeks creative new ideas for improving the state of our waters and preventing pollution. The best ideas and teams will be invited to join the Lions Lab, where the ideas will be further developed together with leading experts.

The deadline for submitting ideas is 30 April 2019. Find out more and join in!

Help us brainstorm collaboration with schools and universities

The future will be made by young people – both by the sea and on dry land.

That’s why collaboration with schools and universities is an important part of the Lions for Clean Water Project. Our aim is to encourage active water citizenship that combines the ability to comprehend the importance of clean water and a clean environment with the ability to work on their behalf.

Our collaboration with schools and universities involves planning and experimenting together. For example, we are preparing a water training concept for teachers (Sea Quest) based on Lions Quest training, as well as a field course for upper secondary students and an art-based water course for primary school students.

Join our network of Water Lions

Water Lions of all ages share a love for clean water.

Our goal is to create a network of Water Lions comprising pairs of Water Lions – one experienced Lion together with one young Lion. Each pair will represent two different generations, enabling the transfer of knowledge, skills and culture in both directions between generations.

Leos are already active in environmental protection through the Leo4Green network, a service activity designed to improve environmental awareness across Europe.

Share your good deeds on social media

Let’s keep our virtual nets in the water and see what we catch!

Discuss your water theme at a club night or meeting

Mention your water deeds at one of our club nights or meetings and encourage a discussion of possible joint activities.

You can also bring together clubs within your district that are interested in our water theme and organise a Lions Water Lab together with the project team!

Please see the campaign overview:

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