Lions for Clean Water

The Lions Club of Finland and more than 20,000 of our members are implementing one of the Finnish Government’s key projects for 2018–2020: Lions for Clean Water. Together with other active members of society, we are working to improve the state of our waters and creating the world’s first network of Water Lions to challenge other Lions, young and old, to work together for the future of our planet.

Lions for Clean Water is a Key Government Project. The patron of the project is Gudrun Yngvadottir, International President of Lions Club International.

The Lions for Clean Water project is funded by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment as part of its action plan for water and marine protection. In addition, the project implements the Finnish Government’s key project for the bioeconomy and clean solutions.

In connection with the project, we are organising the world’s first activity competition and Lions Lab, in which Lions are seeking solutions to improve the state of our waters. In addition, we are organising a Lions Environment Day and working together with schools and universities.

The programme promotes three main themes:

  • Water and environmental literacy: the ability to comprehend the importance of clean water and a clean environment
  • Active water citizenship: the ability to work for clean water
  • Preservation of natural diversity

By working for clean water, Finnish Lions can demonstrate their Northern Lion strength and show the way for the worldwide activities of the Water Lions. The objective of the project is to create new and energetic collaboration models that can be spread internationally.

The work of the Lions Club of Finland for clean water is based on a network of over 20,000 members who are encouraged to seek new ways of caring for their own local environments. The idea for the project was proposed at the Lions and a Clean Baltic Sea Seminar in connection with the Council of Governors in spring 2018. At the same time, the Lions Club of Finland and 13 districts joined the Baltic Sea Challenge.

The Lions for Clean Water Project offers members a concrete way of participating in the challenge.

From small streams to powerful currents

Finns are proud of their clean waters. Over the years, big and small deeds along the coast and inland have successfully cleaned lakes, reduced environmental impacts on the sea and improved the quality of life for everyone who lives by the water.

The water and marine protection deeds of the Finnish Lions are part of a national movement that involves numerous parties producing information about environmental protection and working actively towards our united goal.

Lions for Clean Waters
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