Idea bank

Here are some ideas to get you started – which themes are addressed by your activity ideas?

Protection of the Baltic Sea and inland waters

What are the sources of environmental loads on our waters and what are the impacts? What can we do and who do we need to include in order to make a real difference in protecting the Baltic Sea and our inland waters?

Promoting the circular economy

The circular economy aims at retaining the value and use of resources and raw materials for as long as possible. Waste can be minimised by reutilising excess materials from one product as the raw materials for another.

Human values and models of behaviour that are shared among generations

How can the expertise of experienced Lions, young Leos and other partners feed off of each other? Recycling expertise is the circular economy at its best.

Sharing tacit knowledge

What kinds of knowledge exist within each of us or among our clubs and networks that deserves to be shared and put to use in our work for clean water?

Lifestyles and consumer habits

How can we support clean water through our own lifestyles, consumer habits and purchasing decisions? What does responsible living involve and what kinds of activities could be built around it?

Other Key Projects

You don’t always have to think of everything yourself. Perhaps a suitable partner, team or activity can be found for you, your club or your district among other existing Key Projects. Don’t be afraid to contact them and propose collaboration!

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